Easily combine fetal monitoring and IT equipment in a single workstation that meets the needs of multiple users and enhances operational workflow.  A modular, durable design lets you quickly adapt your workstation as technology and application needs change, without replacing your mounting equipment.

The space-saving design serves multiple purposes. In everyday use, the cart integrates seamlessly with your workflow. In an emergency, its slim profile enables you to quickly move it for access to gases, outlets, and other equipment. Every cart features concealed cabling and ample storage for supplies, so your monitoring and IT equipment offers a neat, professional appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Printer Paper Catcher : Recorder paper is retained neatly, not spilled onto the floor

  • Storage Drawers : Baskets and drawers for accessories and supplies

  • Four Utility Baskets : Quick release for easy cleaning

  • Cable Management : A neat, safe work environment

  • Accessories : Numerous options available

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