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Our telehealth and telemedicine carts, roll stands, wall mounts, and overbed tables foster communication — and collaboration — anytime, anywhere.

Expanding your patient care options with telehealth and telemedicine? We’re here for you! GCX & Jaco provide durable, customizable solutions that support a wide range of medical devices and telehealth peripherals to optimize healthcare delivery.

With 100+ combined years in medical manufacturing, GCX & Jaco can help your healthcare organization expand accessibility, remote patient monitoring, and lower readmissions through telehealth and telemedicine. Our carts, roll stands, wall mounts, and overbed tables scale for telehealth implementation and last through multiple tech refreshes. You’ll reap maximum value for longer while expanding into remote patient screenings, interpretive services, virtual rounding, tele-sitting, patient engagement, specialty consultations, and much more.

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Standardize with GCX & Jaco for cost savings

  • Partner with a single manufacturer to reduce maintenance and service-downtime-related costs and have a single point of contact for all your telehealth mount needs.
  • Enable healthcare anywhere. Jaco EVO Telemedicine Carts and Wall-Mounted Telemedicine Workstations let clinicians deliver state-of-the-art telehealth in any patient room or care setting.
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Customize for your healthcare organization

  • Create a custom telehealth mounting solution tailored to your needs and room space.
  • Work with industry experts that understand workflows, device safety, cable management, infection control, and ancillary device access.
  • Choose from an array of durable, medical-grade accessories to add product functionality and extend usage.
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Empower patients and providers

  • Provide viewer-adjustable tablets and monitors for carts, roll stands, and overbed tables, so patients can access educational materials, view their medical records, or watch informative videos.
  • Promote greater patient engagement to improve health literacy and a better understanding of conditions, treatments, and self-care practices.
  • Offer providers more telehealth options to collaborate with remote or bedridden patients and outside specialists.

Minimize germ spread; maximize product lifespan

  • Know that GCX & Jaco materials and finishes hold up to constant use and rigorous cleaning regimens.
  • Improve infection control with concealed cables and unibody construction.
  • Gain peace of mind with a minimum five-year warranty on all products made from the market leaders in medical mounting solutions.

Ready to Learn More?

Ready to bring more patient care options to your healthcare facility? Contact us today to learn how we can provide your organization with telehealth and telemedicine carts, roll stands, or overbed tables built to last for multiple tech generations.