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Combine multiple IT devices in a single solution to make charting an effortless part of your day.

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Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records

Facilitate your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) initiatives with GCX mobile, wall-mounted, and countertop mounting solutions. They are designed to support a range of IT devices – monitor, computer laptop or tablet, mouse, keyboard and more- so you can incorporate digital Health records right at the point of care.

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Standardize with GCX

Standardizing on GCX mounting solutions lowers total cost of ownership by reducing your number of vendors and allowing clinicians to access technology in a consistent way.

  • Familiarity and uniformity — Outfitting an entire room, suite or unit with the same vendor provides similar professional look, feel and clinician familiarity.
  • Maintenance and service — IT and biomedical departments can interchange components, repurpose parts and better adhere to maintenance and service programs when using only one vendor.
  • Infection control — All GCX products are medical grade to withstand rigorous sanitation protocols and help stop the spread of germs and other contagions.
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Tech Refresh

When it’s time to update your IT or EMR-supported technology, make sure you also consider the mounts that support new computers, displays and related equipment.

  • New device configurations — Ensure a mount still supports any new form factor for both user and product safety.
  • Lifecycle extensions — GCX products are designed to withstand up to 10 years’ usage in a hospital setting.
  • Clinical workflows — Ensure clinicians can safely and easily access IT equipment and accessories as they are added or replaced.
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Ergonomics & Workflow

GCX creates adjustable medical mounting solutions that promote proper ergonomics to help employees maintain neutral positioning while accessing computer hardware and software.

  • Quick, safe adjustments — GCX mounting solutions can be quickly and safely adjusted for height and ergonomic body position.
  • Made for multiple users — Our products are built for multiple users to comfortably access EMRs, medical devices, monitors, tablets from anywhere in a patient room.
  • Improve workflows — Easy clinical access to equipment improves productivity and care delivery.
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Ergonomics Worksheet

Nurses, physicians and other clinicians need the ability to position the monitor and keyboard at an angle and height comfortable for their individual use. That’s why it’s important a workstation be installed at the correct height. Our Ergonomics Worksheet assists in creating such optimal positioning.

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