Product Installations

Our GCX OSS teams can expertly install medical-device-supporting mounts in any patient care area, whether in active use or under construction.

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Expert Installation for Proper Equipment Use

It’s important that a mounting solution is properly installed to work for all users, and to both safely and easily adjust to any situation. That flexibility and ergonomic advantage prevents injuries and lost productivity due to poorly configured equipment. Our staff can install and expertly configure or adjust GCX mounting solutions for any IT devices, patient monitors, CPUs and more within active areas and occupied rooms. During installations, we also conceal and manage all the cables that connect to the devices for added safety and infection control.

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Assembly with Minimal Disruptions

Healthcare is continuous, even during a new product installation or inspection. We assemble and maintain equipment at the times you choose to ensure workflows and patient care remain unaffected. This includes operating rooms, labor & delivery units and any area where there is ongoing activity.

Patient rooms are hectic places, and clinicians work at quick paces. GCX OSS members understand these environments and will install equipment, securely attach medical devices to a mount, and corral machine cables with minimal care disruptions.

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Assistance from Design through Deployment

Working around new construction presents unique challenges and requires expert project management and execution. GCX personnel can assist with pre-construction design and provide demos for our mounting solutions. If you plan on having a mock room to test your new space layout, we can provide multiple trial solutions for review.

Additionally, we understand the importance of deadlines and can work at a fast pace without compromising on quality. We can assemble up to 100 workstations per day to quickly bring operations online. We also can easily adapt to custom configurations as needed.

Having an OSS professional properly install both the mount and IT or medical equipment it supports extends product lifecycles, saving money from fewer replacements over time. Finally, GCX OSS team members are fully credentialed and will comply with any additional hospital-specific requirements.

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Maximizing Value from a Tech Refresh

When it’s time for a technology upgrade, we can mount your new devices on existing GCX equipment, saving you time and money. By having GCX OSS members swiftly install replacement IT hardware or medical equipment on a GCX mount and properly manage all the cables, you can more quickly realize the benefits of new purchases to improve both clinical workflows and patient outcomes.

VHM Evaluation & Demos

GCX provides a complimentary VHM performance assessment for existing customers and product demos for prospective customers.