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Intensive Care

Real-time equipment access when you need it

Intensive care units face unique challenges with care areas comprised of patients in uncertain stages of health. Nurses, physicians, and other ICU clinicians need access to a variety of medical devices and IT equipment in real time to support the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. GCX mounting solutions provide that access by securely supporting this vital equipment in tight spaces without impeding workflows. From mobile workstations to fixed wall mounts, we have the ideal product for any intensive care unit.

By selecting GCX to fulfill your ICU medical equipment and computer hardware mounts, you are choosing solutions known for:

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Our solutions are built to work as intended for multiple users. They provide both fixed and flexible positioning so everyone within a care team can best position technology for the preferred viewing angle.


All GCX products are built with medical-grade materials and undergo rigorous safety and reliability testing to ensure they withstand the expected use of an ICU environment.


GCX products undergo chemical compatibility testing with common cleaning agents used in the ICU and hospital setting.

Outstanding Service

Our team of technical support, On-Site Services, and engineering staff can work with you every step of the way, from demos and procurement to installations and ongoing maintenance. One reason thousands of hospitals use GCX products is because we understand the unique nature of healthcare settings.

With 50 years in medical manufacturing, we know the needs of intensive care units and provide off-the-shelf, configured or custom solutions to fit any and all needs. GCX can assist with your next device rollout or tech refresh, so everything works as intended.

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Ergonomics Worksheet

Nurses, physicians and other clinicians need the ability to position the monitor and keyboard at an angle and height comfortable for their individual use. That’s why it’s important a workstation be installed at the correct height. Our Ergonomics Worksheet assists in creating such optimal positioning.

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