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Regardless of the modality, GCX has a solution for ergonomic and stable access to any medical device, IT hardware, or accessory to optimize clinical workflows and patient outcomes. Our medical-grade carts are designed to smoothly transition between care areas, units and hospital floors with minimal floor space so there’s more room for diagnostics, treatments, and conversations.

Whether corralling paper feeds on ECG machines or capturing endoscopic or orthopedic images, we have the design and medical manufacturing expertise to provide standard, configured or fully custom carts to meet today’s clinical needs. Patient care matters – to your teams and ours.

Among the criteria we consider:

Clinical Workflows and Ergonomics: How might the device be positioned so that it doesn’t impede clinician-patient interactions and easily adjusts to multiple users?

Accessibility: How might clinical users access a device more quickly and easily? Are there other equipment or accessories that need to be within easy reach during a procedure?

Maneuverability: How quickly and safely can machines move between patient care areas? How can the cart take up less space in tight rooms?

Cleanability: Can cart components be easily and thoroughly cleaned with a wide variety of cleansers to reduce the risk of hospital-borne infections?

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