Tablet Roll Stand

Today’s solution for tomorrow’s telehealth needs

For tablet-based virtual care to work as intended, devices need to be accessible on demand. The GCX® Tablet Roll Stand comes equipped with a fixed or variable height tablet arm for optimal viewing and access to for video conferencing, electronic medical records, and patient services from anywhere within a hospital setting.

From translation apps and online patient registrations to virtual rounding and telemedicine, our GCX Tablet Roll Stand allows time-pressed nurses, clinicians, and physicians to meet with patients and specialists no matter their location, and without slowing workflows. At the same time, patients enjoy modern care delivery that raises the bar on the patient’s experience.

Optimal Tablet Usage for Every User

One of the biggest benefits of the GCX Tablet Roll Stand is its ability to adjust to the height and reach of each user.

  • Optional PROADJUST™ tablet arm allows the user to reposition the tablet while remaining firmly secured to the roll stand, reducing the risks of accidental drops.
  • A stable, 18”-by-18” base and four-inch locking casters seamlessly move the roll stand in and out of a room or viewing area.
  • Power box to secure an AC adapter or USB hub along the channel to prevent accidental or intentional unplugging.

Excellent Cable Management

This roll stand is designed to prevent exposed cables from spreading germs or creating safety hazards.

  • Up to 100% cable concealment for greater infection control and superior cable management.
  • A power box to secure an AC adapter or USB Hub along the channel to prevent accidental or intentional unplugging to charge other devices.

Accessory Options and Modern Look

Optional accessories and new color for today’s healthcare settings.

  • Optional speaker mounts in different shapes and sizes.
  • Accessories such as bins for additional storage.
  • New, modern bright white color to match other medical equipment in a room.

Technical Specifications

  • Variable Height Tablet Arm Load Range: 1.5 – 4.0 /.7 – 1.8 kg
  • Arm Reach: 15.1” – 17.6” /44.7 cm
  • Portrait/landscape adjustment with lockout
  • Upwards Tilt Range: 75°
  • Downward Tilt Range: 90°
  • Base dimensions: 18.22” x 18.22” /46.28 x 46.28 cm
  • Includes 14.3 lb /6.5 kg counterweight.
  • 3”/7.62 cm diameter casters (4 locking) for easy transition over uneven surfaces.
  • Cable track fits 2 USB cords, 0.2” or 5mm diameter each includes cover to conceal cables.
  • Height adjustment range: 43” – 55” /109 – 140 cm