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Ergonomic Mounting Solutions

Ergonomic mounting solutions

GCX creates adjustable medical mounting solutions that promote ergonomic positioning. Help reduce fatigue and risk of injury while ensuring employee comfort and overall wellness.

Our mounting arms, roll stands, carts and other equipment can be quickly and safely adjusted for various heights and body positions. Multiple users can comfortably access electronic medical records, medical devices, monitors, tablets and other computer hardware tied to workstations. This helps increase clinician comfort levels, reduce a hospital’s rate of staff injuries and ease the amount of repetitive injury-related costs.

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Ergonomics Worksheet

Nurses, physicians and other clinicians need the ability to position the monitor and keyboard at an angle and height comfortable for their individual use. That’s why it’s important a workstation be installed at the correct height. Our Ergonomics Worksheet assists in creating such optimal positioning.

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With almost 50 years of experience working directly with hospitals, GCX staff members have a deep understanding of the practical applications for medical equipment and the mounts to support them. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your facility with ergonomic equipment needs.

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