GCX patient monitoring solutions are designed to optimize access and improve workflow for today’s clinicians.

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Medical Device & Patient Monitoring Solutions

GCX mounting solutions for patient monitoring are at the core of our mission. We design and manufacture mounting solutions to mount a variety of patient monitors, and medical and ancillary devices.

Whether your patient monitor is a stand-alone device, or a modular, multi-component system, GCX has the solution to integrate it in every area of a healthcare facility. Our medical-grade mounting solutions meet ergonomic and workflow demands in all clinical settings, and are built for multiple generations of devices.

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Customizable Support

  • GCX mounts support many medical devices—whether used alone or as part of a modular, multi-component system—with off-the-shelf or custom configurations.
  • Solutions are designed to take up as little space in a room as possible, with easy retrieval, room-to-room movement, and built-in storage.

Clinical Workflows

  • GCX mounts for medical devices are designed to allow clinicians quick access from any angle to electronic medical records and patient monitors.
  • A mount’s flexibility allows screens to be easily shared at the bedside or wherever patients or care teams gather and work.
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Product Safety

  • GCX products are thoroughly tested for both safety and reliability, including the applicable IEC standards and GCX-defined standards. Our products are also regularly validated by top medical device manufacturers around the world.
  • All GCX mounting solutions are designed and manufactured under our ISO 13485-certified quality management system.


  • GCX produces only medical-grade products built and tested for a heavy use in a hospital setting.
  • Materials hold up for many years of stringent sanitation protocols.


  • GCX solutions are available through direct sales and trusted resellers globally.
  • Consults, installations, equipment audits and testing available through our On-site Services.
  • Manufacturing plants are located in the United States and Taiwan.
  • Distribution warehouses are located in the United States, Taiwan, Japan and The Netherlands to serve customers globally.

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