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On-Site Services

GCX On-Site Services (OSS) is a seamless, cost-effective and expert turnkey service for deploying and maintaining GCX products.

GCX On-Site Services® allows customers to extend the value and lifespan of our mounting solutions through expertly configured installations, periodic assessments, maintenance checks and upgrades. From new product installation to arm audits to equipment replacements, our OSS staff works with great efficiency and minimal disruption in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

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Product Installations

Let GCX product experts properly install and configure mounts to work safely and seamlessly with medical devices or IT hardware in any patient care area.

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Audits and Assessments

GCX OSS teams quickly and quietly assess current mounts and recommend cost-effective replacements or upgrades with minimum care team disruptions.

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Product Demonstrations

Get on-site or virtual product demos to see how a GCX mount will improve care teams’ access to patient monitors and other medical devices in chosen location.

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Benefits of On-Site Services

Allowing our OSS teams to introduce, install, audit and maintain the mounts supporting healthcare technology leaves biomedical, IT and clinical teams more time and manpower for other important tasks.

VHM Evaluation & Demos

GCX provides a complimentary VHM performance assessment for existing customers and product demos for prospective customers.