Patient Engagement Overbed Table

Tablet use for new era in healthcare

Our award-winning overbed table with the PRO-ADJUSTTM tablet arm protects your technology investment and lasts through multiple tech upgrades. Your patients will enjoy all the mobile app options, while your nurses appreciate fewer room calls for routine tasks now done on a tablet.

Patient tablet use is expanding as hospitals discover the role of mobile devices to improve care delivery while increasing both patient and nurse satisfaction rates. Since we introduced our tablet-enabled overbed table in 2018, GCX has been at the forefront of providing mounting solutions for safe, tamper-proof patient tablet use. Now, our groundbreaking Patient Engagement Overbed Table, featuring the PRO-ADJUSTTM tablet arm offers even more bed- and chair-side options for patients and their caregivers during hospitalizations and outpatient stays.

Safe and Comfortable Tablet Use

Among the patient engagement overbed table’s key features is an articulating arm for optimal viewing positions and secure device use.

  • The PRO-ADJUSTTM tablet arm (also known as the VHM-T) is securely fastened to the table for stable positioning of most tablet-sized devices.
  • Tablet arm can be folded quickly out of the way during emergencies or when not in use.
  • Two paddle levers easily adjust table height, with an auto-rise feature that avoids patient injury. If needed only one paddle from either side can be used to adjust.
  • New casters provide easy movement (no skidding), while a low-profile base fits under most beds.

Strong Device Security

Protect tablets from unintentional removal or misuse. 

  • Optional locking tablet holder prevents device removal.
  • PRO-ADJUSTTM tablet arm firmly secured to the table reduces the risks of patients accidentally dropping or damaging otherwise-freestanding devices.
  • USB charging port so patients don’t unplug important medical equipment.

Durable Construction

Now with a slimmer column, the GCX channel hides cables while facilitating easy IT hardware integration.

  • Made with medical-grade materials that can withstand high usage and hospital-grade cleaning agents.
  • Cables are cleverly hidden inside to avoid getting pinched or damaged and to provide a sleek, clean look.
  • Table bumper provides additional protection and a spill guard around the table for easy cleaning.
  • 5-year warranty and manufactured under ISO 13485-certified quality standards.

Expanded Accessories and Easier Installation

Select the finish and accessories that best match your hospital’s needs.

  • New two-way drawer, cord hooks, and cup holder and/or bins/baskets for storage.
  • New table-top color choices, and straight or coiled power cord.
  • USB C and A charging modules within an arm’s reach for patient and family members.
  • Simplified and streamlined installation and setup.

Technical Specifications

  • Tabletop material: laminate with over-molded protective edge
  • Tabletop dimensions, overall w/d: 19” x 31” /48.26 x 78.74 cm
  • Tabletop dimensions, recessed area w/d: 17” x 28” /43.18 x 71.12 cm
  • Height adjustment range: 15.75” /40 cm
  • Tabletop height, minimum to maximum: 28.25 to 44” /71.76 x 111.76 cm
  • Main column height: 46” /116.8 cm without handle, 47” /119.38 cm with handle
  • Base clearance height: 2” /5.1 cm
  • Caster diameter: 1.38” /3.5

So Many Options and Uses

Choose from our full-size or compact Patient Engagement Overbed Tables. Both are made of high-quality materials in improved packaging and are easy to assemble. The compact version features the same functionality as the full-sized version, but with a space-saving footprint. Perfect size for pediatrics, intake, infusion areas, and more.

Upgrade your Existing Table

Retrofit your current Hillrom or Stryker overbed table with a GCX tablet arm upgrade kit. The PRO-ADJUSTTM tablet arm is the medical-grade support arm designed expressly for tablets, complete with optional power strip and USB chargers that can mount directly to the tablet arm interface. Extend the life of your existing overbed table by outfitting it with mobile technology your patients want and nurses welcome.