M Series

The M Series is a fully customizable mounting solution tailored for any healthcare environment.

M series

Durable and Easy to Clean

The M Series™ arm is a durable, easy-to-clean mounting solution with a sleek design, constructed to outlast the medical devices that it supports and withstand the demanding healthcare environment. Every arm is equipped with an internal cable management track to keep the installation orderly and neat.

The M Series is an ideal solution for applications that require basic device positioning at the point of care.


The M Series arms are available in a variety of lengths, from flush mounts to a 24”/61 cm dual-articulating arm. They can be adapted to any mounting situation, including walls, round posts, a variety of rail profiles, architectural headwalls and anesthesia machines. This versatile arm is compatible with a myriad of accessories and devices.

Mseries ss detail2

Range of Motion

The M Series’ multiple pivot points and tilt adjustment function smoothly over many years of use at the point of care. Its dual-articulating pivot points offer still greater reach and range of motion, allowing it to extend around obstacles, or to enable caregivers to face their patients while using the mounted device.