GCX mounting solutions help integrate technology into perioperative environments.

Peri or main

Operating Room

Equip your OR with mounting solutions to better access IT workstations, tablets, PACS viewing and large flat panel displays.

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Mount patient monitors, tablets and IT workstations in post-anesthesia care units for quick, easy access to medical equipment and electronic records.

Anesthesia machine

Equip your anesthesia workstations to handle today’s EMR and IT hardware needs

As facilities roll out EMRs and add or upgrade patient monitors, medical devices and IT hardware, mobile equipment like anesthesia workstations must be able to handle additional equipment without compromising safety, ergonomics and workflows. Our mounting solutions are designed to help meet the needs of today’s anesthesiology professionals and operating rooms. We offer rigorous tip testing to help current and future equipment configurations work properly for years to come.

Perioperative safety


GCX provides an unparalleled range of wall, floor, countertop and ceiling mounts to safely secure any piece of medical or IT equipment in often-hectic, sometimes crowded perioperative settings.

  • Arm mounts like those in our VHM series securely hold a variety of screens, from tablets to large monitors, with a minimum room footprint.
  • Additionally, we can provide anesthesia workstation mockups and stability testing for your exact configuration to verify compliance with the IEC 60601-1 3rd edition safety standard.
  • Large rolling casters means mobile carts carrying lifesaving equipment can quickly be moved within a room, as well to another patient area as needed.
Perioperative ergonomic


EMRs and patient monitors must be viewed from a variety of angles before, during and after a surgical procedure. Our mounting solutions are ergonomically adjustable and designed to accommodate a broad range of users.

  • Sit and stand capabilities provide user flexibility for seamless device interaction.
  • Proper equipment positioning helps reduce fatigue and risk of injury while ensuring surgical team members’ comfort and overall wellness.
Perioperative workflow


Our expertise with anesthesia machine mounting solutions enables us to thoroughly consider clinical workflow implications. We can provide expert recommendations for where to position technology to work for all types of users—allowing healthcare users more time for patient care and less time making workspace adjustments.

  • We help ensure properly mounted machines and monitors are available when and where needed.
  • Physicians and clinicians can better assist each other, especially in emergencies, without technology getting in the way.
It emr ergo

Ergonomics Worksheet

Nurses, physicians and other clinicians need the ability to position the monitor and keyboard at an angle and height comfortable for their individual use. That’s why it’s important a workstation be installed at the correct height. Our Ergonomics Worksheet assists in creating such optimal positioning.

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Perioperative Solutions for Anesthesia Machines