Standardization fetal monitor

Equip your L&D suite with solutions that help optimize space and keep the care focused on mom and baby.

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Labor & Delivery

Keeping the Focus on Patients, not Equipment

Fetal monitors, IV stands, and EMR hardware within a Labor & Delivery Unit all serve important, life-saving functions. However, their use should also facilitate interactions between nurses, obstetricians and clinicians and patients for optimal outcomes. That’s why patient monitors, ultrasound machines, tablets, and all other OB/GYN and NICU medical equipment must be easily used from any angle in the room. This requires flexible, sturdy, space-saving solutions that improve workflows and communications while taking up less room space.

GCX offers a wide range of products designed specifically for L&D clinicians, from Polyquip IV post mounts that securely hold IV bags, to over-bed tables for patient tablet use during and after labor. Our fully configurable fetal monitoring workstation supports multiple users, with a versatile work surface for note-taking and dimmable lights for nighttime charting. Whatever your needs, we have the best solution to support the patient journey from admissions through discharge.

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Mount monitors and medical equipment for quick access to devices and data as part of a neonatal intensive care unit’s course of care.

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LD triage


Outfit triage areas with standard and custom solutions that work in any available space within a room—without compromising on equipment access and viewing options.

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LD accessibility


  • The right mount or roll stand provides clinicians instant access to essential medical equipment.
  • Mounts easily adjust to a variety of users for seamless interaction between devices and patients.
  • High-quality castors and stability-tested workstations easily move between rooms and floors.
  • Over-bed tables securely holding tablets provide a safe way for patients and visitors to access information related to prenatal and post-partum care plans.
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  • Positioning technology to work for all types of users saves time otherwise spent making workspace adjustments.
  • Properly mounted devices and monitors are available when and where needed.
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Space Savings

  • Retractable and removable equipment provides more space to allow for emergency care.
  • By combining EMR and fetal monitoring on a single, compact solution, hospitals no longer need to rely on bulky, wooden carts.
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Ergonomics Worksheet

Nurses, physicians and other clinicians need the ability to position the monitor and keyboard at an angle and height comfortable for their individual use. That’s why it’s important a workstation be installed at the correct height. Our Ergonomics Worksheet assists in creating such optimal positioning.

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