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History of GCX

Celebrating 50 Years of Service in Healthcare

What started with two men tooling around in a northern California garage in 1971 is now a 50-year-old company whose products are used to position technologies in health systems worldwide. Here are some corporate milestones that helped make GCX a continued leader and innovator in the medical mounting space.

1971 1971

Foster City, CA Garage Startup

A young Gary Gilbert, raised around manufacturers, discovers a need to mount televisions to walls in hospital rooms and begins building mounts in his family’s Foster City, CA garage. He and then-business partner Charles Westbrook call their new company GCX.

1972 1972

Novel Wall Track Hits Market

GCX develops a novel vertical wall track system enabling a television to be safely lowered, serviced, and then returned to its position near the ceiling. This wall-mounted solution makes maintenance much simpler and provides enhanced security for the equipment.

1973 1973

HP Partnership Formed

GCX establishes its first major partnership with Hewlett Packard Medical Systems, which would later be acquired by Philips Healthcare. The partnership continues to this day.

1975 1975

First Medical Device Mount

GCX’s wall track system quickly evolves into healthcare mounting solutions for patient monitors, medical devices, and, eventually, IT equipment. During this year GCX also establishes a partnership with Spacelabs Healthcare.

1978 1978

GE Partnership Established

GCX establishes a major partnership with Marquette Medical systems, which would later be acquired by GE Healthcare, a partnership that remains to this day.

1983 1983

Novato, CA, Relocation

The company relocates from Foster City, CA to a GCX-owned facility with more square footage in Novato, CA.

1990 1990

Mobile Cart/Roll Stand Unveiled

GCX expands into mobile carts and roll stands, along with their already established wall-mounting systems—providing greater ergonomic adjustability. This also is the first year GCX starts distributing its products worldwide.

1996 1996

Move to Petaluma, CA

GCX celebrates 25 years serving the healthcare industry and moves headquarters to Petaluma, CA in a 38,000 square foot building. Founder Gary Gilbert notes this is “more than we’ll ever need.”

1997 1997

ISO 9001 Certification

Germany’s TUV certifies GCX as ISO 9001 compliant. This certification solidifies the GCX quality management system and continues to guide us today.

1998 1998

Website Launches

GCX launches its website,

1999 1999

VHM and M Series Arm

The first VHM arm mount is released, followed by the M Series arm mount and then roll stand launches

2003 2003

El Paso Facility Opens

GCX expands its footprint with its El Paso, TX facility. This manufacturing plant improves logistic services for both the company and partners at GE Healthcare.

2005 2005

Expansion into Europe

A more diverse product line leads to greater use of aluminum die-casting, injection molded plastics, and sheet metal fabrication. Several ongoing supplier relationships form during these development efforts. The company also expands its global footprint and opened a sales office and logistics warehouse in The Netherlands.

2009 2009

Taiwan Plant Opens

GCX establishes a manufacturing plant location in Taiwan, enabling assembly and distribution for the Asian and European markets.

2011 2011

Bigger Footprint in Japan

GCX further expands its global footprint with a Japan sales office and logistics warehouse.

2012 2012

VHM-25 Arm Released

The company releases VHM-25™ variable height support arm, a small-profile version of the bestselling VHM™ series of Variable Height Mounts.

2013 2013

ISO 13485 Certification

GCX’s quality management system receives ISO 13485 certification. This recognition further aligns corporate business processes with the same requirements as the medical device manufacturers GCX serves.

2016 2016

VHM-P/PL Arm Introduced

GCX set new standards with the launches of the VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™ adjustable arms to improve cable management, usability, and cleanability.

2017 2017

Fetal Monitoring Workstation Debuts

The company launches its next-generation Fetal Monitoring Workstation that combines fetal monitoring and EMR hardware on a single bedside-cart to consolidate technology and reduce the cart’s overall footprint in the room.

2018 2018

Patient Engagement Solutions Launch

A line of GCX tablet-based mounting solutions hit the market to help healthcare systems incorporate tablet use into clinical workflows, thereby providing greater patient data access at the point of care.

2021 2021

GCX celebrates 50 years of excellence in the healthcare industry.