Position your tablet-based medical device to enable patient care and drive user adoption.

Standard Solutions

Due to our years of experience and engagement directly with hospitals, as well as designing with medical device manufacturers, we are aware of the pain points posed by mobile device adoptions in this new era of telemedicine. Here are just a few of the ways that we can mitigate those challenges:

  • VHM-T: The industry’s only medical-grade mounting arm for tablets.
  • Post/Rail Clamp: A compact, quick connect clamp that allows for speedy docking/undocking of smaller devices onto similar size posts or rails.
  • Tablet Roll Stands: Allows quarantined and immobile patients to communicate with their care providers, family, and friends through a mobile tablet.

Configured Solutions

We have a breadth of durable, medical-grade accessories that can be added to any product to enhance functionality and improve the overall workflow for any given device, clinical need, or space constraints. That includes OEMs pivoting to provide their customers more telehealth options.

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Custom Solutions

Our OEM Services team can help you create a custom solution that highlights your tablet-based medical device. We consider workflow, security, cable management, ancillary devices, and more.

Telemedicine + Patient Care

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Let’s work together to bring your next medical device or healthcare equipment to market quickly with our medical manufacturing experts and a custom-configured or brand new mounting solution.

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