Audits and Assessments

Ensuring Arm Mounts Continue to Operate Optimally

Audits assessments

All mounting solutions, no matter how well made, eventually must be replaced. One way to extend a mount’s lifespan or ensure it still works as intended is through periodic audits and assessments. For some hospitals, these maintenance checks don’t get done due to other priorities. GCX understands this, which is why we can conduct those audits and assessments for you.

Given a reasonable degree of access to the equipment, our GCX On-Site Services (OSS) technicians can typically assess an arm in less than 2 minutes per room. This saves hospital staff time that can now be spent elsewhere.

We make sure all assembled equipment is functioning properly, and needed repairs and replacements are recorded. We perform audits on our classic VHM arms to make sure they work as well as intended for the optimal lifecycle. GCX will provide a preventative maintenance guide to maximize an arm’s value and performance.

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