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Infection Control and Cleanability

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Infection Control and Cleanability

With infection control as important as ever, GCX solutions are manufactured under ISO 13485-certified quality standards and made with medical-grade materials that hold up to rigorous sanitation protocols and harsh cleaning agents. In addition to conducting wipe tests with a wide range of cleaning agents, GCX designs and constructs parts and equipment for easy, thorough cleaning throughout the day. This includes easily removed covers and unibody construction on many GCX products to prevent germs from lingering in hard-to-reach crevices.

When it comes to product durability and cleanability, consider:

  • All GCX product surfaces undergo wipe tests with cleaning agents ranging from various concentrations of isopropyl alcohol and Sani-wipes to commercial products like Lysol and Windex.
  • Our easily removed channel covers help hide cables and make cleaning quick and stress-free.
  • GCX arms like the VHM-T and VHM-P have a seamless, unibody construction that prevents debris and germs from collecting in hard-to-reach crevices.
  • Our materials are medical-grade to withstand constant usage and hospital-level cleaning regimens; whereas, commercial solutions typically are created for less rigorous, infrequent use.
Infection control rollstands

Infection Control within a Quarantine Area

Quickly adapt to your facility’s needs with GCX’s medical-grade mobile solutions.

Tablet Roll Stands

Allows quarantined and immobile patients to communicate with their care providers, family, and friends through a mobile tablet. A great option for telemedicine, the unibody construction helps with ease of cleanability.

Patient Monitoring Carts

Mobile patient monitoring roll stands compatible with all major device manufacturers. Built to withstand harsh chemicals during cleaning. Roll stands feature tilt/swivel capability. Mounting adapters available.

Mobile Laptops

Eleven inch, foot pedal height adjustability allows for multiple users. Dual-wheel casters for ease of transport over uneven surfaces.

With almost 50 years of experience working directly with hospitals, GCX staff members have a deep understanding of the practical applications for medical equipment and the mounts to support them. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your facility prepare for a quarantine area.

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