ECG Solutions

Create the ideal ECG solution with off-the-shelf or fully custom components

Ecg solutions

GCX creates workstations and mounts to ensure electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) devices and required accessories enhance clinical workflows and patient interactions. Whether during stress tests or monitoring sedentary patients, it’s important that displays can be easily read from any angle, cables safely managed, and paper readings properly contained. A clean, modern design also makes a positive impact in any patient room.

Working with GCX provides the expertise and materials to quickly bring an ECG product to market—in just a few months in many cases. Our robust supply chain provides our partners with high quality and cost-effective materials, and manufacturing with minimal tooling.

What We Consider



We ensure any cart holding cardiographs moves over different flooring and around furniture with the appropriate type of casters and accessible handles for easier maneuverability.



We work with medical device manufacturers so a workstation can store a full day’s worth of supplies, such as electrodes, wipes, gloves, spare batteries, barcode scanners, and paper.


User interface

It’s important that a technician or physician can easily view screens and paper readouts from either a sitting or standing position.


Cable and lead management

ECG devices require long patient leads and often a module positioned close to the patient’s body to accurately record cardio activity.


Paper tray management

Technicians frequently make notes on a readout, so paper streams cannot be left to spill off the side and onto the floor.


Infection control

Now, more than ever, an ECG workstation must be kept clean and free of germs that cause hospital-borne infections.

Helping ECG Device Makers Create Optimal Workflows

The cardiograph is a staple medical device within health organizations. Better known as an EKG or ECG, this common diagnostic tool is used to detect heart defects or monitor cardiac conditions during and after a health event. Whether used with remote monitors during stress tests or electrodes tethered to a bed- or chair-bound patient, it’s important that displays on these devices be easily read … CONTINUE

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