Single Stor-Locx on GE Healthcare Aisys

Single Stor-Locx on GE Healthcare Aisys

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Single Stor-Locx on GE Healthcare Aisys

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Stor-Locx Modular Drawer



Patent Issued

GCX manufactures mounting hardware for a variety of patient monitoring equipment and related devices. The configurations shown are provided for reference only and are intended to show the components available for building a complete workstation. Due to the significant variations in anesthesia machines and related equipment, GCX makes no claims regarding the tip stability or overall safety of the final configuration. It is the responsibility of the healthcare institution to ensure that the configuration—the anesthesia machine and all components set on, or mounted to, it—is safe.

Installation Guide
DU-RST-0003-45 Stor Locx Adapter Kit Instructions
Installation Guide
DU-RST-0007-66 Stor Locx Instructions
Installation Guide
DU-RST-0007-86 Stor Locx with Key Lock Instructions
Installation Guide
DU-RST-0007-88 Stor Locx with Digital Lock Instructions