GCX Offers Solutions for Infection Control in Quarantine Areas

GCX Corp., the market leader in medical mounting devices, reminds healthcare organizations of the role medical equipment supports can play in infection control, especially in quarantine areas.

Hospitals disinfect patient spaces to reduce hospital-borne infections that can delay discharges or lead to readmissions. Some touch points may not get as much attention, especially in busy COVID-19 areas, including mounts for medical devices and computer equipment that may harbor germs,” said Dave Mikulak, National Sales Director for the US and Canada at GCX.

GCX designs, develops and produces solutions with infection control properties in mind—a process that’s only grown in importance since the onset of the pandemic. Mikulak recommends healthcare organizations consider a reputable product that algins with the healthcare quality standards that medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) follow. We are expected to hold up to the same disinfection regimen that our OEM partners do; our exposure is similar to that of a keyboard or touch display.” 

Material durability and cleanability, unibody construction, and effective cable management mitigate risk for staff/​patient infections. COVID-19 quarantines have elevated infection control requirements. Ensuring safety is our responsibility, he added.

For more information on GCX tips for infection control, visit the GCX website at https://www.gcx.com/services/support/infection-control-cleanability.

About GCX Corporation

GCX Corp., based in Petaluma, CA, has been providing medical device and IT mounting solutions for the healthcare industry since 1971, through direct sales and working with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Major product lines include wall mounts, roll stands, countertop mounts, pole mounts, and a variety of mounting accessories. GCX mounting solutions feature space-saving, ergonomic designs to improve both equipment and patient access. The company has offices in North America, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. It also operates warehouse and production facilities in Petaluma, California; El Paso, Texas; and New Taipei City, Taiwan. For more information, visit www.gcx.com.

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