Going the Extra Mile to Ensure Product Quality

Every medical device manufacturer must meet minimum safety standards to launch a new product. However, for that product to be successful and stand up to the demanding nature of healthcare environments, it often must exceed these minimum standards. At GCX, we understand this. That’s why we not only conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the quality of our products (designed for both…

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Reaching the Tipping Point with Anesthesia Workstations

Reaching the Tipping Point with Anesthesia Workstations

One of our most popular requests when a hospital plans to buy or upgrade equipment on an anesthesia workstation is to conduct stability testing. It’s a service we can provide for all of our solutions, but it is especially important for those in operating rooms. An anesthesia machine typically has several other solutions mounted to it- patient monitors, medical devices, keyboards and other…

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Finding Time for a Mounting Arm Audit

Finding Time for a Mounting Arm Audit

All mounting solutions, no matter how durable, have a limited lifespan. That’s why we recommend periodic audits of arms and other mounting solutions to ensure each piece of hardware continues working optimally. A bi-annual check of an arm’s function is not difficult nor particularly time consuming.  Given a reasonable degree of access to the equipment, a technician can usually…

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Meeting Today’s L&D Nursing Needs at AHWONN 2019

Meeting Today’s L&D Nursing Needs at AHWONN 2019

We love getting feedback on our mounting solutions whenever we attend a trade show. Attendees share the day-to-day issues they face when accessing and using technology in their own L&D areas, and it always generates ideas. It’s one reason everyone at GCX is excited to again participate in the AHWONN Annual Convention taking place June 8 through 12 at Atlanta’s World Congress…

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The New GCX Endoscopy Cart: Designed with the GI Professional in Mind

The New GCX Endoscopy Cart: Designed with the GI Professional in Mind

Ergonomics is important, and especially so for teams working with endoscopes. These practitioners must be able to carefully maneuver around medical equipment and easily viewed monitors. Most of the focus is on the scope itself, but also important are the carts that support these instruments. That’s why we’re excited about our GCX Endoscopy Cart, part of our MC Series, that provides…

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GCX Expansion of Patient Engagement Solutions on Display at HIMSS19

GCX Expansion of Patient Engagement Solutions on Display at HIMSS19

Patient engagement remains a high priority for healthcare organizations that want to reduce readmissions and improve patient outcomes key to today’s value-based care. Our company has responded to this need with several innovative mounting solutions that encourage hospitalized patients to safely use mobile applications on tablets. Using tablets loaded with appropriate applications helps…

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