Our GCX Fetal Monitoring Workstation Designed with L&D Workflows in Mind

Our GCX Fetal Monitoring Workstation Designed with L&D Workflows in Mind

Clinicians know the importance of workflow, whether it’s to care for patients more effectively or to quickly respond to emergencies where seconds count. This is also true for those who work in a hospital’s labor and deliver (L&D) unit where the health of both mother and child are simultaneously monitored. A San Francisco Bay area hospital’s L&D department presented us…

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Explore Mounting Solutions for Your Hospital Room Design

GCX is excited to once again be part of the industry’s premier healthcare design show, Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, from Nov. 11 to 14 in Orlando. Each year, HCD brings together thousands of architects, biomedical engineers, medical facilities specialists and manufacturers to learn the latest in healthcare design trends and innovation for healthcare facilities. This…

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It’s Now Easier to Find Information on GCX Products

It’s Now Easier to Find Information on GCX Products

You may have noticed we recently updated our website to provide a more modern user experience for those interested in GCX’s mounting solutions and on-site services. We’re big believers in collaboration, and our site refresh should better foster such interactions with current and prospective customers. Among those features: A more prominent “mega menu” of solutions to…

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Installing Mounting Solutions in Hospitals to Maximize Value, Minimize Risk

Installing Mounting Solutions in Hospitals to Maximize Value, Minimize Risk

Between purchasing and using a mounting solution comes a less exciting step: installation. That phase can be daunting once people realize the resources that must be deployed, and maybe during odd hours.  Hospitals, in particular, need the time, training and tools to correctly assemble and install EMR hardware and the mounting solutions that accompany them throughout a facility. To minimize…

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The Latest in GCX Patient Engagement Solutions at HIMSS17

As one of healthcare technology’s largest conventions, HIMSS17 provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to learn new ways to use information technology to improve the patient experience. GCX’s growing suite of patient engagement solutions will be on display at HIMSS17 showroom booth #5051 Feb. 19-23 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. We’ll discuss the…

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Total Cost of Ownership for Mounting Solutions

Total Cost of Ownership for Mounting Solutions

Most U.S. hospitals are now using electronic medical records, and some may even be on a second or third version. We are working with a number of organizations that have an impressive amount of experience in such implementations, and take a broad view of the costs associated with the software, hardware, and carts and wall mounts that hold the equipment. For mounting solutions in particular, here…

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