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Perioperative Infection Control: How Clean is Your OR?

Perioperative Infection Control:  How Clean is Your OR?

Healthcare providers understand the importance of reducing the spread of germs in care areas through rigorous sanitation regimens. Medical Manufacturers must fully understand the role their products can play in infection control. Perioperative care areas are an excellent example of why it’s impor…

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Modernizing Maternity Care with Multi-functioning Fetal Monitoring Carts

Modernizing Maternity Care with Multi-functioning Fetal Monitoring Carts

Our GCX fetal monitoring workstation is showing up in more Labor and Delivery (L&D) units as hospitals modernize both the space and experience for patients and expecting mothers. Today’s new parents appreciate and expect the streamlined look of integrated technology. Our fetal monitoring cart…

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Virtual Demos a Hit with Hospitals

Virtual Demos a Hit with Hospitals

While it’s important to see how a medical device or IT equipment mount works within a room’s unique configuration, it no longer requires an on-site demonstration. For the past six months, GCX product experts have conducted virtual demos in our new mock room that can mimic the same setup as a specif…

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Looking to put a tablet on an existing Patient Overbed Table?

Looking to put a tablet on an existing Patient Overbed Table?

Solutions like our award-winning Patient Overbed Table bring tablets to patients in a secure manner, so they can stay informed and keep in contact with care teams, family and friends. Now we’re expanding patient tablet use with an upgrade that equips most Stryker and Hillrom overbed tables with our…

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Case Study: Getting a Clear Picture of Compounding Areas

Case Study: Getting a Clear Picture of Compounding Areas

Leaders of a major health system based in Wisconsin and Illinois wanted to integrate photo documentation into their pharmacies’ electronic health records. The new requirement and spatial constraints of their compounding areas presented some real workflow challenges, so the goal was to integrate EHR…

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Collaborating with Smith+Nephew on a Surgical Robotics Cart

Collaborating with Smith+Nephew on a Surgical Robotics Cart

Orthopedic surgery is embracing more advanced technologies, like robotics. There is a growing demand to not only track instruments, but also use intelligent tools that can independently perform functions based on well-defined parameters and approved inputs during surgery. Until recently, products w…

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