Maintenance of VHM Series Wall Mount Arms

Vhmguide locklever

Dear GCX Customers:

Our records show that you previously purchased GCX mounting products for use in your facility. GCX has received two reports of unexpected arm movement when the VHM lock lever was released. In both cases, the internal gas spring that counterbalances the mounted load had lost its gas charge. Gas springs have a finite life and gradually lose pressure over a number of years. In cases where the arm is regularly moved or periodically checked, loss of pressure is obvious and does not pose a hazard. However, in cases where the arm is left unused and unchecked for many months, gradual loss of pressure may not be noticed until the locking lever is released. The resulting sudden movement could possibly cause injury to an unaware caregiver, or damage to other equipment.

A similar situation could occur if:

  • The arm was not originally installed and counterbalanced correctly; or
  • A different monitor or load is attached to the arm without the counterbalance being readjusted.

To mitigate these potential risks, the following actions have been taken:

  • Section 1 of the installation manual has been updated to include greater detail than the previous version about periodic inspection of the arm. Because gas springs lose pressure slowly, a bi-annual check to see that the arm is functioning properly is adequate.
  • GCX has initiated a program to cost-effectively refurbish VHM arms that have expired gas springs. This will reduce waste and discourage hospitals from using a product that needs service.
  • A Sudden Movement” warning label is being added to current production VHM arms, near the locking lever. These are available free of charge by contacting GCX Technical Support at 800-228-2555.

If a VHM owner does not wish to periodically inspect the arm, it is recommended that the locking lever be removed entirely. This will allow the arm to slowly drift downward as there is a loss of spring pressure.

GCX has established a three-step process to refurbish affected VHM arms:

  1. Call GCX Technical Support at 800-228-2555.
  2. Provide GCX Part Number and quantity of purchased products.
  3. Upon confirmation of the new order, GCX will develop a customized replacement program for your hospital. Initial replacement arms will usually arrive within 30 days.

If at any point you have a question about your VHM arms or the refurbishment program, please contact Technical Support. Thank you for your attention to this matter.