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GCX On-Site Services® is a cost-effective, turnkey service for deploying GCX mounting solutions. We work quickly and efficiently from delivery and assembly through testing, cleanup, and maintenance, at the times you choose. And we expertly configure and adjust all our equipment, whether new or upgraded.

Benefits of GCX On-Site Services

Relieve your own resources - We do the work to physically deploy your device, accessories, and the associated cart or mounting solution.

Guarantee end user satisfaction - Know the work will be done entirely by professional and highly-trained GCX personnel, not 3rd party contractors.

A cost-effective, turnkey solution - We handle everything from ordering through cleanup to save time, money, and effort.

Minimal disruption - We work under the radar”, reducing downtime for hospitals, even in occupied rooms.

High Quality Reputation

In recent years, GCX’s On-Site Services team has built a reputation for high-quality deployment of mounting solutions for healthcare technology. We work quickly and efficiently from delivery and assembly, through testing, cleanup, and maintenance. The OSS team expertly configures and adjusts the complete system, all on your schedule.

For more than 45 years, GCX has been the worldwide leader in developing medical device mounting solutions for healthcare providers.

Get the benefits of GCX On-Site Services

Maintenance & Assessment
Maintenance & Assessment
Active Area Coordination
Active Area Coordination
New Construction
New Construction
Assembly & Delivery
Assembly & Delivery
Technology Upgrades
Technology Upgrades
Disassembly & Removal
Disassembly & Removal


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“I wish all vendor assemblies went that smoothly! I’d much prefer to have GCX do the work.”

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