Part Number: 51-4672

JACO Kit, Two LiFePO4 Hot-Swap Battery Blades

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Status: End of Life

Part number


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Product Group

Replacement Parts

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Dimensions & Weight

Length: 15.5"
Width: 8.5"
Height: 7.5"
Weight: 11LB


Battery Warranty: 3 Years / 4000 Cycles

Product Description

Get more power and longer battery life for your money. Jaco POWER BLADE delivers 204 Watt hours (Wh) of capacity for up to 5 hours of runtime between swaps. Combine 2 POWER BLADES for up to 408 Watt hours (Wh) of capacity, for up to 10 hours of runtime. POWER BLADE's lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) batteries are designed for 3 years or 4000 recharges - that's up to 3x longer battery life and 4x as many recharge cycles as the lithium ion (Li - ion) batteries in competing hot swap systems.

Key Features
• Up to 10 Hours of Runtime Between Swaps
• Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology (LiFe)
• 2 Hour Recharge Time • Dual Battery Design - Less Downtime, More Redundancy
• Monitor Usage without Additional Software
• 60601 Certified for Patient Proximity
Product Details
Recharge faster, swap faster – and get back to work faster. Jaco POWER BLADE charging stations meet the 4” maximum depth requirement of most hospital fire codes. That means you can place them wherever you want in your facility, to make swapping and recharging as fast and easy as possible for your staff. Plus Jaco POWER BLADE charging stations and on-cart power units are mounted conveniently and ergonomically at waist height, so nurses can swap batteries without bending or stretching.

Reduce risk of downtime and data loss. Single-battery hot swap systems rely on UPS power to keep your computer running while you swap – but often give you just two or three minutes to swap before the cart computer system will shut down. Jaco POWER BLADE manages battery use so that one battery drains before the other. The system warns you when one battery is running low, and automatically switches power to the other battery – providing more time and flexibility to swap without losing power completely.

Manage and monitor easily, without installing software. Jaco POWER BLADE’s monitoring and control software is built into your cart’s embedded controller – so there’s no need to install software on the cart’s computer. In fact there’s no need make any changes to your IT infrastructure: Jaco’s software works over your facility’s existing WiFi network, with any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). You can monitor all reports from any device with a web browser, including your smartphone or tablet.

Make the safest choice for your care facility. POWER BLADE’s LiFe batteries aren’t combustible at lower temperatures, the way Li-ion batteries can be. And both the Jaco POWER BLADE wall-mounted charger and Jaco’s on-cart power inverter meet 60601 certification for patient proximity.
Extended Specifications
• Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate
• Battery Rating: Nominal 12.8V, Operating 1-14.4V, Max Charge 14.4V
• Capacity: 204 Wr per Battery Blade
What's Included
Includes two 51-3829, Hot-Swap Battery Blades and packaging.