Part Number: 51-3107

Jaco J48 SLA Replacement Batteries with Thermal Cutoff Assembly

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Status: End of Life

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Product Group

Replacement Parts

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Dimensions & Weight

Length: 12"
Width: 8"
Height: 4.5"
Weight: 40LB


Consumable Warranty: 6 Months

Product Description

A replacement kit for the J48 SLA Battery System. Includes Four 12V Batteries approved for use with the Jaco Battery System and Thermal Cutoff Assembly.

Key Features
• Genuine Jaco Approved Part
Product Details
• Voltage and Impedance Testing prior to shipment: When you purchase approved Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries from Jaco we perform Voltage and Impendence tests and match like batteries together to ensure best runtime and cell life. Matching the Voltage and Impendence of the battery sets designated for your battery system ensures that the batteries work in unison during both charging and discharging. Not performing the Voltage and Impedance tests and not matching like SLA Batteries together creates a situation that some batteries will have to "work" harder than others and over time the batteries that work harder will expire sooner. Matching the batteries will prolong the useful life of the batteries and the effectiveness of the power system that they are installed into.
• Maintaining fresh batteries and charging prior to shipment: Jaco works with the battery manufacturers and also have internal processes in place where the batteries are kept charged. If SLA batteries sit too long without being charged they can be permanently damaged and hamper function and in some cases not be fit for use. Jaco monitors the age and voltages of our batteries and refreshes inventory when needed as well as ensures they are charged properly prior to shipment.