GCX Corporation Improves Access with French-Language Website

French speakers now can get information about medical instrument and IT mounting solutions from GCX Corporation in their own language online at www.gcx.com.

A complete French-language version of the GCX website is just two clicks away via the new FRANÇAIS” drop-down option on the home page.

Besides facts on GCX products and solutions, and about the GCX organization, the website features a novel Configurator” tool to help users visualize mounting designs and collaborate with GCX representatives.

An international provider of medical-device mounting solutions, GCX also offers complete Web content in German and Chinese as well as English.


From the manager of the GCX Europe office, Tilburg, Netherlands:

French as a medium offers an easier grasp of GCX mounting solutions and services for customers throughout the French-speaking world.” – Brad Cohen, Business Unit Manager-EMEA

The GCX French-language portal acknowledges the important position of France among the top five medical device markets in the world. As a global leader in mounting solutions, GCX is firmly committed to serve customers in France and other French-speaking countries.” – Brad Cohen, Business Unit Manager-EMEA

Technological and product innovation happens every day at GCX, so it’s important that we are able to communicate as clearly and intuitively as possible. This website is another channel to facilitate that process.” – Brad Cohen, Business Unit Manager-EMEA

From the GCX web content manager:

A team of native French speakers translated industry terminology to make sure online presentation of technical information about GCX mounting solutions for international caregivers is both accurate and precise.” – Director of Marketing Kevin Merritt

About GCX Corporation

GCX Corp., based in Petaluma, CA, has been providing medical device and IT mounting solutions for the healthcare industry since 1971, through direct sales and working with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Major product lines include wall mounts, roll stands, countertop mounts, pole mounts, and a variety of mounting accessories. GCX mounting solutions feature space-saving, ergonomic designs to improve both equipment and patient access. The company has offices in North America, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. It also operates warehouse and production facilities in Petaluma, California; El Paso, Texas; and New Taipei City, Taiwan. For more information, visit www.gcx.com.

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