GCX Corporation Certifies Reputation For Durability With 5-Year Product Warranty

Backing its reputation for durability in medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, GCX Corporation will apply a 5-year warranty to its entire range of products, effective immediately.

GCX produces an internationally recognized line of off-the-shelf products, including wall mounts, roll stands, ceiling mounts, countertop mounts, pole mounts and a variety of mounting accessories for virtually all healthcare settings. GCX also creates expertly engineered and customized products for original equipment manufacturers.

The new GCX product warranty more than doubles the previous 2-year term. GCX products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery. Complete information is available at: www.gcx.com/about-gcx/warranty-information/.

The new GCX product warranty formalizes a brand promise of durability established over more than 40 years of partnership with the medical industry, according to Cris Daugbjerg, Vice President of Development.

Since 1971, quality, reliability and durability have been cornerstones of every GCX product,” he said. GCX products and parts are made with the highest quality materials that stand up to the demands of daily use in a clinical setting, year after year.

The GCX commitment to quality is clear in its long-lasting and secure mounting products that offer positioning, mobility and ergonomic access to medical devices and computer hardware.

Now this extended warranty demonstrates our dedication to meeting the changing needs of healthcare institutions with mounting solutions that are not only versatile, but robust.”

About GCX Corporation

GCX Corp., based in Petaluma, CA, has been providing medical device and IT mounting solutions for the healthcare industry since 1971, through direct sales and working with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Major product lines include wall mounts, roll stands, countertop mounts, pole mounts, and a variety of mounting accessories. GCX mounting solutions feature space-saving, ergonomic designs to improve both equipment and patient access. The company has offices in North America, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. It also operates warehouse and production facilities in Petaluma, California; El Paso, Texas; and New Taipei City, Taiwan. For more information, visit www.gcx.com.

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