The GCX fetal monitoring workstation combines monitoring and EMR hardware on a single bedside cart–consolidating technology while minimizing footprint within the room.

GCX launched the next-generation of its fetal monitoring workstation. The latest version of the fetal monitor cart features a fully configurable and ergonomic design with monitoring, displays, accessories, and EMR hardware all integrated in a single workstation to support multiple users.

The amount of storage on the cart was increased and now offers up to 6 fully extendable drawers for easy access to stored items. The base also offers additional space to store a CPU, UPS or isolation transformer. Several new finish options were introduced to align with contemporary room design, colors and finishes: light maple, cherry blossom, cloud gray and valencia are standards; custom finishes can be matched.


  • Monitoring and EMR hardware is positioned for greater mobility and easy viewing and access by both clinicians and patients.
  • Versatile work surface for note taking and charting.

Flexible and Modular

  • Space-saving and mobile design consolidates bedside technology on a single cart that can be quickly moved out of the way for emergencies.
  • Easy reconfiguration, allowing for removal/re-positioning of drawers, monitors, shelves, and IT hardware.
  • Multiple options for ergonomic positioning of EMR hardware and secondary monitors accommodates either sitting or standing users.
  • Drawers, shelves, and accessories may be added for mounting power management hardware, scanners, printers, and wireless transducers.
  • May be adapted to changes in technology and application.

Cable Management

  • Advanced cable management features manage and conceal the cables, making it easier to keep the cart looking clean and professional.
  • Cables can be accessed for service, replaced, and re-concealed within minutes.
  • No tools required.

Storage and Organization

  • Ample storage space for supplies and accessories. Drawers are wide and shallow so that contents can be quickly found, accessed, or replenished.
  • Drawers have an optional clear flip-up cover that makes the stored objects visible when the drawer is closed.
  • Adjustable dividers to organize supplies.
  • Drawers fully extend for easy access to stored items.

Medical-grade / Durable

  • High quality medical-grade construction, designed to perform through 10-15 years of constant use.
  • Tolerates repeated exposure to the cleaning agents and disinfectants typically used by hospitals.

Contemporary Design

  • Clean and professional integration of technology at the bedside gives patients confidence in the care they are receiving.
  • Contemporary design and optional woodgrain accents provide a less “clinical” appearance, but without looking like a decades-old TV cabinet.
  • Standard, off-the-shelf colors are light maple, cherry blossom, cloud gray and valencia.
  • Custom finishes available to match the room design.
  • LED work surface lighting that creates ideal lighting for care givers without disrupting a patient in critical care and labor and delivery environments.

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