Highly adjustable for ergonomic comfort, built tough so it lasts and lasts, and easy to keep clean for better health. But that’s not all.

Supports Nursing Workflows

GCX mounting solutions are designed around a simple concept: you work in a fast-paced environment where the ability to smoothly execute rapid actions is critical. Our modular workstations can easily be configured to support your individual needs, no matter how many healthcare professionals share the equipment. The space-saving profile blends with any workflow and many GCX products can be stowed nearly flush to a wall, staying neatly out of the way in heavy traffic areas.

Moves Easily the Way You Want—Up, Down, All Around

No matter your strength or body size, you can quickly and easily adjust any GCX product for optimal comfort and ergonomics—even if it was recently adjusted by someone else. You can move our mobile solutions with just a gentle push, and control a full range of vertical adjustments using the simple gas spring-assisted foot pedals. Sit-to-stand adjustability enables unimpeded, face-to-face interactions with patients.

Withstands the Daily Stresses of Clinical Use

Manufactured to the highest standards using top-quality materials, and guaranteed defect-free for five years from day of arrival, GCX mounting solutions are engineered to outlast several generations of IT and medical devices. With GCX, you can be confident that your routine won’t be interrupted by broken or under-performing mounting hardware.

Comes Clean

Because a germ-free medical environment is critical, GCX products are engineered and manufactured with “cleanability” in mind: we use materials that stand up to hospital-grade cleaning solvents, and we manufacture all our components with smooth surfaces. That’s good for you, good for your co-workers, and good for your patients.