IT Managers

Make your IT systems part of the clinical workflow.

Reliable and Built to Outlast Your Monitors and Devices

GCX mounting solutions are engineered to outlast many generations of the IT and medical devices now used in your 24/7/365 environments. They’re manufactured to the highest standards with top-quality materials and are guaranteed defect-free for five years from date of arrival.

Modular for Easy Upgrades and Adaptability

Design modularity means GCX mounting solutions will work seamlessly with virtually all available monitors and IT equipment. Our hardware is designed to adapt to constantly changing technology—when it’s time for you to upgrade your facility’s devices, GCX mounts will stay on the job with only minimal upgrades.

Direct Sales and Support Mean Expertise You Can Trust 

GCX has worked directly with hospitals and other healthcare facilities since our founding in 1971. This not only gives us uncommon insight into your clinical workflow. It also helps us develop the expertise and focus to design and deliver the exact mounting solutions you need, even as your needs evolve over time.