Healthcare Executives

Durability, adaptability, highly satisfied healthcare staff, direct-to-hospital service—it all adds up to excellent ROI and TCO.

Reliability + Modularity = Cost-Effectiveness

Extremely durable, thoroughly adaptable, and easily upgraded, GCX mounting solutions reduce your equipment, training, staffing, and landfill costs. We manufacture our equipment to the highest standards using top-quality materials—they excel in 24/7/365 environments, will outlast several generations of devices, and are guaranteed defect-free for five years from day of arrival. Modularity means they adapt easily to changing technology, and can be configured (and reconfigured) for virtually any device, application, and clinical area.

Focused on Healthcare for More than 45 Years

GCX has worked directly with healthcare facilities since our founding in 1971. This experience provides us uncommon insight into your needs and a focused ability to meet them. More important, our direct, consultative approach and personalized support enable us to create and deliver the exact solution that’s best for your facility. We also work closely with various OEMs, so we can offer custom-created mounting solutions directly to you.

Standardize on GCX for Even Greater Savings

Why standardize on GCX mounting solutions? GCX mounting solutions work with virtually every medical monitor and IT device on the market, as well as accommodate any room, application, and area in your facility. Your employees prefer GCX equipment because it’s compact and simple to use, enhances workflow, and can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort. Standardize on GCX to streamline the ordering process and gain cost savings from economies of scale.