Biomedical Engineers

Engineered to be long lasting, highly configurable, and easy to upgrade.

Durability Saves Time and Avoids Unpleasant Surprises

Manufactured to the highest standards using top-quality materials, and guaranteed defect-free for five years from day of arrival, GCX mounting solutions are engineered to outlast several generations of IT and medical devices. Devote your work day to performing critical tasks—not to dealing with broken or degraded mounting hardware, or learning to work with the equipment that replaces it.

Modularity Enables Easy Upgrades, Extensive Customizability

Modular GCX products adapt easily to constantly changing technology: when the hospital upgrades its current crop of medical and IT devices, you won’t have to start over with new mounting hardware; just swap out a bracket. Furthermore, that same design modularity (plus all our available accessories) means you implement the configuration that works best for a particular application or clinical area.

Standardized Components Ensure Simple Interoperability

We design GCX mounting solutions to work with a wide variety of monitors and IT equipment. Our mobile solutions, wall mounts, and anesthesia machine mounts all feature the robust GCX channel. When placed throughout your facility, these channels simplify the exchange or reuse of GCX mounting arms and accessories wherever they are needed.

Personalized Assistance Means We Treat You as a Partner

GCX backs its products with the best implementation and support services in the healthcare industry. We work directly with hospitals, which gives us uncommon insight into your needs—and a singular ability to meet them. Invite us onsite to discuss options, provide recommendations, even to tailor the hardware to your specific environment. You can always test our mounting solutions right in your facility.