Different healthcare professionals expect different benefits from their mounting equipment. But they can all agree on one thing: no vendor meets their varied needs as well as GCX.


We make it easy for you—whether you’re downloading our library of DWGs to specify GCX products, or taking advantage of our personalized assistance to help you standardize your mounting equipment facility-wide.

Biomedical Engineers

You want equipment that is highly durable, highly configurable, thoroughly interoperable, and easy to upgrade. Just as important, you want to work directly with a company that treats you like a partner.

Healthcare Executives

You’re responsible for your facility’s effectiveness and its bottom line, so you focus on achieving the best outcomes at the highest ROI. GCX has been helping healthcare organizations do just that for more than 45 years.

IT Managers

You have to ensure your facility’s IT devices are always readily available. Choose a mounting solution that is durable, easy to upgrade, and modular so it will adapt to varied equipment and to your evolving needs.


Above all else, your equipment has to support an optimal workflow. It also has to provide ergonomic comfort, be easy to keep clean so it helps safeguard the health of your environment, and be built tough to last.

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