GCX’s Endoscopy Solutions bring together endoscopy equipment, displays, accessories and computer hardware in uniquely designed units that support multiple users.

GCX offers a full range of solutions for positioning technology and optimizing workflow in an endoscopy suite. Our “right-sized” cart and other solutions are fully configurable and ergonomically designed to accommodate a wide variety of endoscopy equipment and IT hardware. They also are designed to accommodate multiple users.

The principal product is the GCX Endoscopy Workstation made exclusively for medical environments. The workstation combines a small footprint with an oversized work surface, making it ideal for gastroenterology, bronchoscopy and surgery.  

Endoscopy Workstation

Easy to use and move

  • Easily grasped handles and a lightweight design provide for smooth maneuvering.
  • Six-inch casters allow cart to glide along different flooring.
  • An oversized top work surface can easily handle an endoscope.
  • Flip-down keyboard trays with mouse pad can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Ample space for components

  • A compact footprint takes up minimal space in a crowded environment.
  • Trays provide ample space for procedure components.
  • Bottom tray can also hide a power strip or isolation transformer.
  • Lightweight rear covers provide concealment and easy equipment access.

Cable Management

  • Advanced cable management features manage and conceal the cables, making it easier to keep the cart looking clean and professional.
  • Cables can be accessed for service, replaced, and re-concealed within minutes.
  • No tools required.

Medical-grade / Durable

  • High quality medical-grade construction, designed to perform through 10-15 years of constant use.
  • Tolerates repeated exposure to the cleaning agents and disinfectants typically used by hospitals.

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