Combine multiple IT devices in a single solution to make charting an effortless part of your day.

Facilitate your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) initiatives with GCX mobile, wall-mounted, and countertop mounting solutions. They are designed to support a range of IT devices—monitor, computer laptop or tablet, mouse, keyboard, and more—so you can incorporate digital health records right at the point of care.


Tech Refresh

In recent years, heath systems have upgraded their Electronic Medical Record technology to compliment mobile clinical workflows and improved patient engagement. The software and hardware that support EMR are constantly requiring update, which is why healthcare organizations must periodically upgrade their total EMR system, including the mounting solutions supporting these computers and displays. GCX mounting solutions support your Tech Refresh:

  • Accommodate new EMR device configurations and sizes - without replacing the entire mounting solution!
  • Extend the lifecycle of your mounting solutions. GCX products are designed for medical environments and undergo rigorous lifecycle testing equivalent to 10 years’ use in a hospital setting.
  • Meet the needs of any workflow with a large array of mobile and stationary EMR mounting solutions.


Ergonomics & Workflow

All GCX hardware can be adjusted in a variety of ways, enabling every medical professional to work comfortably and efficiently. GCX equipment helps ensure your facility’s EMR initiatives won’t disrupt your workflow or take your focus off patient care; seamlessly perform various essential functions even as you interact with patients.


Standardize with GCX

Lower your total cost of ownership and allow clinicians to access technology in a consistent way by standardizing with GCX.

On-Demand Webinar

Wall-Mounted EMR Hardware Solutions

Learn in detail about GCX VHM-P and VHM-PL arms, folding keyboard trays, arm extensions, dual-arm solutions, the VHC flush wall mount, and the bedside long arm for complete computer and EMR terminals.

Wall-Mounted EMR Hardware Solutions

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